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Update 08 February 2016

I published my new look website today. I now have an online ticket support system where all tickets and replies are tracked. You can view, update, or create a new ticket at any time from my Contact page. I am currently working on some further new additions to the website.

WordPress 4.4 Update

WordPress 5.5 “Clifford” has just been released.  I have been busy today updating my WordPress Websites.

TrakAxPC V5 Beta

HighAndes Ltd. have just released the TrakaxPC v5 Beta of their software for testing. I have been using TrakAxPC for video and audio work since it was first released as a commercial product. I am on the Beta test list for this software and cannot wait to try out the new features. Downloading now!

System & HDD Software Upgrade

I have just upgraded to the new Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional. I have had this Paragon product for several years and it is one of my most frequently used software tools. is a simple Python program I have written to illuminate the LEDs on the PiGlow using the keyboard keys.  The code is fully commented and is ideal for educational purposes in schools and basic Python coding.  It is also fun watching all the different coloured lights as you press the keyboard keys!  It is free of charge to use and modify.

Full details are on the new Raspberry Pi Page.  


Keyboard Keys v2.3

Tutorial Update

The Keyboard Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts tutorial has been updated to version 2.3.


Keyboard Tutorial

WordPress 4.0

WordPress Update

All of my WordPress websites have been updated to WordPress 4.0 “Benny”. is a simple Python program I have written to simulate a
3 way LED traffic light controlled road junction on the PiGlow.  The code is
fully commented and is ideal for educational purposes in schools for teaching
road safety and basic Python coding.  It is free of charge to use and modify.

Full details are on the new Raspberry Pi Page, including a YouTube video.

Please contact me if you would like any support or assistance in your school
(Doncaster and surrounding areas, UK) using the Raspberry Pi and PiGlow.

CCTV Storage Options 51248 > Foscam FI8918W

CCTV IP Camera  Storage Options 51248 > Foscam FI8918W

A word of caution right at the beginning of this blog post. Flashing firmware updates incorrectly can result in the device not working as expected and in some cases not at all. You could end up with a rather expensive paperweight. This worked for me, but you do this at your own risk and I accept no responsibility if anything goes wrong.

I recently came across my Storage Options CCTV IP camera (model 51248) that has not been used for some time. I purchased it a few years ago for a project and it has not been used since. The camera still works but there are no software or firmware updates on the Storage Options website and this model appears to have been discontinued.

When I bought the camera, I vaguely remembered reading a comment online that this may be similar to a Foscam model FI8918W. So off to the Foscam website I went and downloaded the IP Camera Tools software and the firmware update for the Foscam FI8918W.

I installed the IP Camera Tools software on the desktop PC and powered up the camera. I then followed the instructions included with the firmware files for flashing the firmware on this device and the web interface. All went smoothly and after a reboot, I used the IP Camera Tools software to find the camera on the network. I then logged in using a Firefox web browser and the picture displayed straight away. The Storage Options branding on the web interface has been replaced by Foscam and I now have some new features to play with.

For greater flexibility, I configured the wifi settings so that I could view the image over the wifi network. And just to finish off, I also downloaded and configured the Android, My Cams (V1.3.0) app to my mobile phone. This app works well with this camera.

Foscam support website:
Foscam installation software: IP Camera Tool PC
Foscam firmware update used: MJPEG indoor PT camera-

Foscam Configuration

Foscam Configuration



Creating a Desktop Shortcut

George’s Quick Guide to Creating a Desktop Shortcut

Desktop shortcuts are direct links to individual files, folders, computers or Internet addresses. Typical uses include opening a specific spreadsheet to frequently input data, go to a favourite website or list the contents of a frequently used folder. The shortcuts in this guide have been created using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

Contact me if you would like me to write guides or tutorials for your business products and software.


Creating a Desktop Shortcut.