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A word of caution right at the beginning of this blog post. Flashing firmware updates incorrectly can result in the device not working as expected and in some cases not at all. You could end up with a rather expensive paperweight. This worked for me, but you do this at your own risk and I accept no responsibility if anything goes wrong.

I recently came across my Storage Options CCTV IP camera (model 51248) that has not been used for some time. I purchased it a few years ago for a project and it has not been used since. The camera still works but there are no software or firmware updates on the Storage Options website and this model appears to have been discontinued.

When I bought the camera, I vaguely remembered reading a comment online that this may be similar to a Foscam model FI8918W. So off to the Foscam website I went and downloaded the IP Camera Tools software and the firmware update for the Foscam FI8918W.

I installed the IP Camera Tools software on the desktop PC and powered up the camera. I then followed the instructions included with the firmware files for flashing the firmware on this device and the web interface. All went smoothly and after a reboot, I used the IP Camera Tools software to find the camera on the network. I then logged in using a Firefox web browser and the picture displayed straight away. The Storage Options branding on the web interface has been replaced by Foscam and I now have some new features to play with.

For greater flexibility, I configured the wifi settings so that I could view the image over the wifi network. And just to finish off, I also downloaded and configured the Android, My Cams (V1.3.0) app to my mobile phone. This app works well with this camera.

Foscam support website:
Foscam installation software: IP Camera Tool PC
Foscam firmware update used: MJPEG indoor PT camera-

Foscam Configuration

Foscam Configuration