If you are having problems with lots of annoying spam emails clogging up your inbox, read on to learn what software I recommend and best of all you can have a free subscription for 12 months (at the time of writing this blog!).

I use the Thunderbird email client for all my email. I have several email accounts and this brings with it an increased amount of spam emails that I receive.

I have tried various solutions to cut down on spam email that I receive. Web based email accounts like Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook are very good at filtering out any spam email. I am mainly talking here about email accounts linked to the various websites I own or host for customers.

About 18 months ago I purchased a year’s subscription to use an anti-spam program on my computer. The program did catch a lot of the spam emails but not all. Over time I noticed that an increasing amount of spam emails were getting through. I changed various settings without much success and eventually contacted the technical support department for advice. I carefully followed the instructions given by the software developer’s support department with limited effect.  As the subscription drew to an end, I looked round for an alternative.

During my search for anti-spam email programs I came across Cloudmark DesktopOne. Two versions were available, a Basic Mode which was free and an annual Pro Mode subscription costing $19.95. Yes, I had also noticed that the amount was crossed out and sure enough it turned out that a year’s subscription was free. I clicked on the Upgrade to Pro button, followed the on-screen instructions and downloaded my free software complete with a subscription for 12 months.

The Cloudmark DesktopOne installed perfectly and was easy to configure; it fully integrated with the Thunderbird email client and monitors my email accounts on various servers. That was a few months ago now and I have to say it works exceptionally well indeed. Spam emails automatically go to a spam folder (you can change this action in the settings). I quickly scan the spam folder as a double-check and then delete all the spam, it is that easy. If you want to protect your email Inbox, you will not go far wrong with Cloudmark DesktopOne. Get it quickly while it is free along with a 12 month subscription.