One of my hosting providers servers went down early this morning and has been offline for several hours. The server hosts this website and those of two customers. My server monitoring checks alerted me early this morning and I have kept customers informed by text message during the incident. The server is now back online again. I have checked customer websites and they are all working correctly. I apologise to customers for the downtime and any inconvenience caused.

Please keep your contact information up to date so that I can let you know of any future system issues.

Thank you for your understanding. I will be sending customers affected by this incident a more detailed email.

I have received the following report from the hosting provider detailing the cause…

The server was rebooted to finalise the install of our KernelCare software, mentioned in our recent newsletter. Unfortunately after the reboot, the server failed to return to its previous online state. Investigations started immediately and we identified that the likely cause of the issue was severe hardware failure.

Our attempts to repair the server proved futile, despite our best efforts. Ultimately, when these efforts did not pay off, we decided to install the hard drives from the old server into a brand new server to minimise any further downtime.