My friend rang me this morning because his wife was having problems with the Windows 10 taskbar on her laptop computer. None of the buttons on the taskbar were working when clicked. Everything else appeared to be working fine. It had been like this for a while and it had now reached the annoying stage. The usual programs she used could be started from the shortcuts on the desktop.

I called round to see him later and sure enough the Taskbar was unresponsive as he had described. Placing the cursor over the start button and the other icons did highlight them, but nothing happened when they were clicked.

After a quick look round the computer settings, I noticed that she was using the Avast free anti-virus program. I temporarily disabled real-time scanning but this had no effect on the Taskbar. I then went into the Avast settings to check the update status. The program signatures were up to date and the last check was dated today, however I did see that an Avast program update was available. I clicked on the update button and followed the on-screen instructions. After successfully installing the program update I rebooted the computer when prompted to do so. Windows 10 started up normally and the Taskbar was working fine again.

You may be thinking that this is an unexpected solution to an unresponsive taskbar, but it is sometimes worth temporarily disabling anti-virus programs and or firewalls to see if this has any effect on unusual computer problems you might be having. It is also a timely reminder to regularly check your computer for any operating system or program updates to keep it as secure as possible and functioning correctly. Many updates are automatically applied, but not all, so it is worth checking from time to time.